Company Outings That Inspire Creativity

At ArtsClub, we believe that learning about art should be social, fun, and accessible — so we design experiences to make it that way. From painting workshops to gallery dinner parties, our corporate events inspire creativity and team building, so you can become a more innovative and collaborative team.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say:


“The events we have hosted with ArtsClub have been some of the most popular events we have hosted! They provide the opportunity to get out of the office and have an interactive learning experience about the arts.”

- Events Coordinator, Sullivan & Cromwell

"The event we did with ArtsClub was a wonderful and unique experience for everyone in attendance. We were able to have an intimate conversation about the business and history of the art world while having a hands-on experience! It was an evening full of creativity, knowledge and fun."

- Community Lead, WeWork


"ArtsClub’s Founder, Jackie, was kind enough to personally lead a Mark Rothko painting party for us. The event was superbly organized with just the right amount of information, excellent painting guidance, and high quality materials. We enhanced our creativity, learned and had fun at the same time!"

- Chef Innovation Officer, ideas42

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